My vitality

By starting my own business as vitality psychologist, I made the step in 2013 to rearrange my work and life better to a way I feel comfortable with.

From own experience I know how hard it is to stay true to yourself, listen to your feelings and to accept consequences from decisions. I used to work for a renowned consultancy and thought it was hard to admit to the feeling I was no longer in my place. I wanted to hold on to my securities and take control over the future.

Until my body said it was enough: tension in my neck and shoulders, loss of concentration,  worrying, experience trouble in decision making, avoiding contact at work. By taking these (stress)signals seriously and investigating, I became more conscious of my body and what the signals of my body mean to me. Through body-oriented coaching ande haptotherapy I learned to listen and act more to the signals of my body.

This combination of body and mind (feel and think) is ideally suited to get into contact with yourself. With what is important for you. You discover what you need to feel more vital. You get more clarity on your next steps (do).

Nowadays I consciously pay attention to my vitality by healthy eating and move regularly (walking, kundalini yoga, dancing and fitness). I like to learn, and I like to do new activities. In 2021, for example, I completed a 5-year education for haptotherapy, followed a training in basic medical knowledge, and got a taste of horse riding and windsurfing. I also write and draw about my life and work in a blog. I get my relaxation out of sporting, reading, meeting up with friends, playing games, walking and our ‘cottage’ at the campsite. I live together with my partner and two children, Tara, and Luuk. More information about me can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

I would like to discover together with you how to reinforce your vitality. In conversation, by touch and through experience exercises from psychology, haptonomy and walking coaching. You are more than welcome to schedule an appointment to get to know each other.