‘Maria is a warm woman who is very capable of creating a safe environment. Because of this, I felt at ease fast, which made it less hard to get out of my comfort zone. I am incredibly grateful for her guidance and could make effective use of this!’

‘A trip worthwhile to make. Maria made my train of self-development go faster. She asks the right questions at the right time. Good guidance, super insightful treatments, practical tips, and valuable conversations.’

‘During coaching sessions with Maria, I could discover in a pleasant way, where tension and stress came from for me. Because of her constructive and positive coaching, I have grown in both my work and private situations and started to approach them differently. I got more self-confidence. I learned a lot from it.’

‘In the exercises we have done, I got to feel how I responded on certain situations. Because of this I got to practice with a different, more conscious response. Beside I learned to trust on the signals my body gives me whenever it comes to making important decisions. These decisions I used to make rationally before. Because of this, I started making different, more healthy choices. The tips Maria has given me, makes me see life again as a journey of which I am the captain of.’

‘I came to Maria with the wish to get more in touch with my feelings and emotions, and to discover how to better express myself. In the period I was guided I was able to make nice steps. I have experienced it as pleasant Maria used different methods of treatment, so it does not stay with only talking. Maria is empathic, offers her clients a safe space to work on emotions, and helps you as a client to reflect on the connection between emotion, communication, and behavior.’

‘The past couple of months I learned a lot about recognizing signals, need less and take control of situations. By trial and error, because talking afterwards is of course easier than act in the moment. Because of your broad approach, which is adapted per session, I was able definitely grow. Less thinking, better feeling and trust on this feeling, which is what I will be going after. Thank you!’

'My therapy with Maria has been an absolute joy. I first sought her help for my fears of failure, though we very quickly got to more deeply rooted anxieties and insecurities. I am always very much in my head and my thoughts (hence my anxiety and depression), so this was a particularly useful and efficient way of sort of bypassing that – and thus bypassing many of my anxieties, insecurities, and self-handicapping behaviors. The physical exercises to deal with my fears and insecurities were a quite different kind of therapy, and that was also super useful, as again it bypassed the overthinking that I am very prone to, and that also has a lot to do with these insecurities. These exercises helped me address issues like protecting myself and setting my own boundaries in a very intuitive and grounded way. In short, the physicality of the therapy put me back in touch with my body, and I very much appreciated that. Maria reminded me to tune in to my body and listen to it. Maria has a warm, calm, and very relaxed energy, which made me feel supported and quickly put me at ease, in spite of the fact that some of the exercises were designed to push me to expand my comfort zone.'

‘I contacted Maria because the description of vitality psychologist appealed to me. I was recovering of a period of serious illness and struggled with the physical and mental consequences of this. Besides this I knew I wanted a different interpretation of my work life. Those two topics, and my life summed up briefly, I was able to work on with the guidance of Maria. Maria made me feel, do, experience, accept, see, make, and dare. The use of various skills Maria masters as vitality psychologist and as human, contributed to some positive steps I was able to take in my work and life.’

‘It feels like a kind of training, coaching I get, in how to be an adult. I am learning skills, qualities, I never got, but need to have.’

‘It feels as if you gave me the key to open my lock.’

‘I am in love and able to open my heart again. Whatever happens, I would not want to miss this. I am so grateful.’

‘The coaching process gave me more clarity in what makes me happy, gives me energy and what I want to achieve in work. What I choose- and what not- and why. I have experienced Maria as a constructive coach who coaches you with focus and attention. She had led me in a pleasant and relaxed way to find my path to moor of self.’

‘As a thinker I sometimes can lose myself by ignoring (unconsciously) my feelings. Coaching sessions with Maria helped me getting in touch with myself again, literally by experiencing. I know what I want again and how to continue to follow my path. Full speed ahead!’

‘I thought doing exercises would not be something for me. But they have an added value. I can one-on-one translate them to my behavior and my situation. It turns out to be quite valuable.’

‘I got to know myself (much) better, causing me to more consciously make choices.’

‘Together we looked at which path feels most comfortable for me to take, to restore contact with myself and my environment. It mostly was an invitation from Maria to start this trip of discovery together. Really accepting this invitation was for me the first big step, to then continue myself with the tips I received and really dare to do it.’

‘I experienced coaching as pleasant and useful. I certainly learned some tools and tips that I can use when guarding my own boundaries, but also in the collaboration with colleagues to ensure I do not take everything personally.’