Wat Is Haptotherapie

Haptotherapy is based on haptonomy. Haptonomy literally means ‘the doctrine of feeling’. The goal of haptonomy is to strengthen the contact with emotional life.

What appeals to me the most in haptonomy is the idea that every human being in basic can feel what is good or bad for you, pleasant or unpleasant. Whenever you start to listen or act to this, it makes you feel good, and you naturally live and work.

In our performance-oriented society, it can be hard to recognize this feeling of lust of displeasure with yourself. Most of the times in contact with others there is more attention for effectiveness than affection. Aiming your attention to the layer of affection, results in you getting better sense of how you are doing. How you experience this interaction. And what you need to make you feel good. You will be able to recognize better what builds you up and what breaks you down. By paying more attention to this, listening, and acting, you will enlarge your feeling of self-confidence, connection, and resilience.

As a haptotherapist I guide you by restoring the connection with your ability to feel through conversation, experience exercises and touch. This results in better feeling for what lives inside you. By having more knowledge of this, you will be better capable to face challenges in your work and life, with more vitality and resilience. Moor of self in life and work.

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