My approach is in the essence based on reinforcing the connection between thinking, feeling, and doing. I work from four angles of vitality: physical, mental, social-emotional, meaning. Depending on the question I will use the best fitting method to get into movement. Herewith I will use my background knowledge as a psychologist, body-oriented coach, haptotherapist and walking coach.

Results of this approach include:
- More rest, relaxation, and confidence
- Clarity on what is important for you in life, career, or work
- Increased body awareness
- Improved relationships
- Resilience and initiative
- Improved ability to adapt and change

Questions you can raise during the sessions, mostly cover:

Vital working

I experience tension. How can I manage this?
I have a burnout. How do I get back on my feet?
I want or have to achieve certain goals, but I cannot get it done. What can I do differently?
I am in a conflict situation at work. How do I solve this problem?
I want to get the most out of myself. How can I perform even better? How do I keep challenged and continue to evolve?

Vital living

I am not feeling well. What can I do to feel better again?
What is really important to me? Which decisions am I going to make?
I am mostly thinking/planning ahead. How do I get in touch again with my feeling?
I would like to enjoy again. How do I approach this? How do I develop more self-confidence?

Vital career

Which steps will I take in my career?
I would like to do something what really suits me. But what do I really want?
I am fired. What now?

Practical information

A session is approximately one hour. The intake will mainly be focused on getting acquainted with each other and discovering your question. This is also the moment to decide whether my qualities and approach match your questions and if we should continue together. The frequency and number of sessions are dependent on your questions and needs. Online coaching is also a possibility.

Appointments are allowed to be cancelled until 24 hours in advance. After this moment I will charge the costs for the time reserved for you.